Concert Programmes

Nightmare in Venice

Magical, mysterious, fantastical – a theatrical presentation of some of the most extraordinary chamber music of the baroque era, featuring Vivaldi's Nightmare Concerto, Tartini's Devil's Trill sonata, Masque music by Robert Johnson, Gluck's Dance of the Blessed Spirits, Leclair's Demon Airs and Red Priest's own Fantasia on Corelli's La Follia. A must for Halloween!

Pirates of the Baroque

Stolen masterworks and forgotten jewels of the baroque era performed with swashbuckling virtuosity! This hugely popular programme includes Vivaldi's Tempesta di Mare Concerto, a Pirate Suite by Couperin, the 'Albinoni' Adagio and works by Bach, Tartini, Simonetti, Leclair, Vitali and Handel. Roll over, Johnny Depp...

Johann, I'm Only Dancing!

A dynamic presentation of music by the greatest genius of the baroque era, Johann Sebastian Bach, performed with this ensemble’s legendary blend of creativity, wit and virtuosity. Surprising juxtapositions of familiar and lesser known works are presented in a mixed garden of delights, freely drawn from the flute, oboe and violin sonatas, cello suites, keyboard suites and toccatas, orchestral suites and concertos; the programme includes some of the most sublime adagios ever composed, and culminates in an epic performance of the great Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Red Priest’s arrangements are inspired by Bach’s own improvisatory zeal, and the light-hearted title (stolen from a David Bowie song) reflects the infectious spirit of dance which pervades much of Bach’s music.

Carnival of the Seasons

Vivaldi's Four Seasons as you have never heard them before! Red Priest employs a dazzling array of baroque ‘affects’ and theatrical effects to bring these pieces vividly to life. Piers Adams has adapted the violin solo part to his plethora of recorders, occasionally even playing two at once, and acting out the roles of sleeping shepherds, drunken harvesters, chirruping birds and skating children as he plays. The concertos are interspersed with a variety of seasonal pieces by Biber, Corelli, Purcell and Van Eyck.

The Red Priest And The Virgin

A festive, colourful and occasionally irreverent programme of baroque music for Christmas, featuring Corelli's Christmas Concerto, Vivaldi's Winter, Van Eyck's variations on Unto us a Boy is Born, Byrd's The Bells and music by Handel, Bach, Telemann and Festing.

Priest on the Run

The inimitable Red Priest makes a lightning tour across Baroque Europe, hotly pursued by the Venetian authorities... Music encountered along the way includes Vivaldi (Concerto in D RV92), Schmelzer (The Cuckoo Sonata), Telemann (Gypsy Sonata in A mnor) and Castello (Sonata Terza).

Special Gala Programme: The Red Hot Baroque Show

A startling marriage of baroque instruments with modern sound and lighting technology. Red Priest's performance is brought whirling into into the 21st century in a special show designed for theatres and large venues, complete with stage set, lighting design, sound system and special effects. A true crossover event which brings the excitement of baroque music to a wide new audience. The development of the show was the subject of a TV documentary for the South Bank Show in 2005.